If you want to make sure you can get quick access to the latest Lewes FC Progcasts – the new e-programmes for our men and women’s teams – then why not turn them into an app!

You can put an icon for the Progcast on the home screen of your Apple or Android device, meaning the latest programmes are only ever a prod of the finger away. Here’s how to do it:


To create an ‘app’ for our Progcast, open the Safari browser and go to lewesfcprog.com.

Now click on the icon with a box and up arrow at the top of the screen and drag the box that appears across until you see Add to Home Screen, as shown below:

Rename the link to whatever you want to appear alongside the app (ie. Lewes Progcast) and it will be added as an icon to your home screen.  Tap the icon and you can read the latest programme as soon as its uploaded.


First, go to lewesfcprog.com in the browser on your Android handset. We’re using Chrome, but most other browsers will offer the same facility.

Now click the menu button (three dots) in the top-right corner and select Add to Home Screen. The following pop-up should appear:

Click the Add button and follow the onscreen instructions, and you’ll have an icon on your home screen that opens the Lewes FC Progcast homepage whenever it’s tapped, allowing you to read the latest programmes.