Welcome to the Dripping Pan for this afternoon’s FA Women’s Championship game v London Bees.

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Olivia (10) and Alexia (10)

Why have you come to the match today?

Olivia:¬†My Dad brought me because I play in goal at school, and I’ve been to 6 or 7 Lewes FC Women matches now because I think the Goalie, Faye Baker, is¬†soooooo¬†good! She makes loads of saves and is always in the right place at the right time.

Why should people support Lewes FC women?

Olivia:¬†Because although sometimes it doesn’t work out on the day, they play really well.

What do you like about the experience here today?

Alexia:¬†Well, this is my first time at a women’s football match, and I really like how the players help each other and all work together.

Olivia and Alexia : And we both like the chips!


Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 10.47.00



Lewes manager Fran Alonso welcomes the players, staff and supporters of London Bees to the Dripping Pan

Click on the logo below to read the excellent Chris Brookes interview with
Lewes manager Fran Alonso at She Kicks Dot Net:

She Kicks

Fran Alonso is sponsored by BRIGGS Air BnB
“We have rooms for you
Call Shoreham 442”


Vicky Carleton Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-5
Vicky Carleton, sponsored by Sue Rowland
Shannon Maloney Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-4
Shannon Maloney sponsored by Joe Franchi – Brighton Van Sales
Sarah Kempson Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-31
Sarah Kempson sponsored by Karen Dobres
Samantha Quayle Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-28
Samantha Quayle sponsored by the d’Arienzo Family
Rosie Paye Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-6
Rosie Paye (sponsorship available)
Kellie Larkin Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-17
Kelly Larkin (sponsorship available)
Rebecca Carter Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-7
Rebecca Carter sponsored by The Lambs
Nina Wilson Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-22
Nina Wilson sponsored by Joe Franchi
Leeta Rutherford Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-30
Leeta Rutherford sponsored by Joe Franchi
Katie MacIntyre Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-16
Katie McIntyre sponsored by EFI Logistics
Georgia Roberts Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-2
Georgia Robert sponsored by Ash Head
Faye Baker Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-29-2
Faye Baker sponsored by Susie Arlett
Charlotte Owen Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-25
Charlotte Owen sponsored by The Pig and Jacket
Charley Boswell Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-8
Charley Boswell sponsored by Sarah Metcalfe & Jane Roberts
Avilla Bergin Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-1
Avilla Bergin sponsored by Amir Alipour & Richard Morpeth
Amy Taylor Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-20
Amy Taylor sponsored by Choc Chick
Dani Lane Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-12
Dani Lane sponsored by Lord Chunky
Sophie Perry sponsored by Brighton Van Sales

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Katie Rood – Sponsorship Available


Lewes 1 Walton Casuals 1 27 01 2018-773-1-2

Good afternoon and welcome back to the Dripping Pan for this afternoon’s Championship game against London Bees.  I’d like to welcome our visitors from North London to The Dripping Pan for the first ever time and hope their return journey is problem-free.

It is amazing to think that our last game here was against Charlton Athletic in what seems like months ago.  The fixture calendar certainly needs some attention at the FA in the summer, for the sake of building the profile and attraction of the game. We can’t have a situation as we do coming up when we potentially go weeks without a game. 

Back in December, for the Manchester United game, we were still in the process of looking for our new manager. In fact, Fran was my guest at that game and it was clear in my mind he should be our man.

I’ve heard some people question why we hired a man when we are so committed to an Equality policy at the club.  I, and the rest of the Lewes board, agree that Equality means choosing the right person for the job, irrespective of gender.  We did interview strong male and female candidates. Without a shadow of a doubt Fran was the most qualified and best met the brief that we had created for the role.

Since then we have seen a lot of change on and off the pitch.  We’ve said goodbye to a number of familiar faces, none more influential that Tash Wells, who has been a legend for the club, or more appreciated than Bex Thompson-Agbro. All at the club wish them well. We’ve also brought in some new faces and I would expect we will see a few more in the coming weeks.  There’s a new sense of togetherness across the teams, with Fran watching and working with Darren and vice-versa which is how it should be.

Another interesting ‚Äúheadline‚ÄĚ over the past few weeks has been the issue of medical provisions at games.¬† The injury to Charlotte Kerr, playing for Manchester United at Charlton Athletic, was fortunately not as bad as first feared but led to a debate about whether clubs should have an ambulance present at a game.¬† Fortunately, it is a rare occasion when one is needed in football but it isn‚Äôt as simple as requiring every club to have one on stand-by.¬† If there would have been one at Oakwood, whilst Charlotte would have been treated quicker, the game could not have restarted until a second ambulance arrived to replace the first one!¬† We have a doctor on duty at every game but you can never be fully prepared for all eventualities.

Let’s get behind the team this afternoon and recreate some of that atmosphere that we saw and heard when Manchester United were the visitors here.

Come on you Rooks!


Twitter: @theballisround


London Bees

There are many ancestral spirits behind the London Bees, but its earliest roots date back to a group of ladies working at Transport for London’s District Line.

In the 1970s the women, looking for a team to play football, banded together and entered the Hounslow & District League – forming the platform for a remarkable rise.

Named in honour of their workplace, District Line Ladies FC appeared in leagues across Greater London before tasting promotion to the Women’s FA National League Southern Division in the early 1990s.

It did not take long afterwards before the squad merged with Wembley FC – becoming Wembley Ladies FC and reaching their zenith in an FA Cup final defeat to Millwall Lionesses in 1997.

Meanwhile Barnet Ladies FC, established by Barnet director Graham Slyper in the mid-80s, had become officially affiliated with the men’s club.

It prompted another merger in 1998 after Wembley’s FA Cup finalists began to leave the club, including teenager and eventual England legend Kelly Smith.

Barnet FC Ladies have been a virtual mainstay in English football’s top tier ever since before London Bees, a brand new franchise, was welcomed into the Women’s Super League fold for 2014.

London Bees first ever fixture in WSL2 resulted in a 3-0 victory over Oxford United Ladies, with 16-year old Lucy Loomes scoring their first ever goal.

In 2016, the Bees experienced their best season to date, taking home a record points haul for the season as well as a historic run to the semi-finals of the Continental Cup, knocking out Chelsea en route.

The 2017 Spring Series saw the Bees get off to a great start and top the league in the early stages. A move to a winter season has seen changes both on and off the pitch.

Luke Swindlehurst’s first season at the club saw him secure their highest placed finish as London Bees and the future of the club was secured with a license extension into 2018 and beyond.



Sarah Qantrill


Taylor O’Leary


Tricia Gould


Rachel Unitt


Nicola Gibson


Ocean Rolandsen


Paula Howells


Rosanna Lane


Ruesha Littlejohn


Merrick Will


Mollie Dench


Lauren Pickett


Lucy Loomes


Katie Wilkinson


Danielle Lea


Destiney Toussaint


Elosie Wilson


Kelsey Gibson


Connie Forman


Brooke Nunn


Annabel Johnson


FA Women’s Continental Tyres League Cup

London Bees 3 -2 Lewes

London Bees Goal Scorers: Beckett 11′,43′, Gould 62′

Lewes Goal Scores: Quayle 17′, Kempson 26′


Nike Europe_228x170_TA


Lewes v London Bees 2

Inspirational Woman: Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was born in¬†Chase Farm Hospital, in north London, to¬†Jewish¬†parents. Her father, Mitchell “Mitch” Winehouse, was a window panel installer and then a taxi driver; and her mother, Janis Winehouse (Seaton),¬†was a pharmacist. Winehouse’s ancestors were¬†Russian Jewish¬†and¬†Polish Jewish¬†immigrants to London. S

She was known for her deep, expressive¬†contralto¬†vocals and her eclectic mix of musical genres, including¬†soul (sometimes labelled ‘blue-eyed’ soul¬†and ‘neo’ soul), rhythm and blues,¬†and¬†jazz. Winehouse’s debut album,¬†Frank¬†(2003), was a critical success in the UK and was nominated for the¬†Mercury Prize.

Her follow-up album,¬†Back to Black¬†(2006), led to five¬†2008 Grammy Awards, tying the then¬†record for the most wins by a female artist in a single night, and made her the first British woman to win five Grammys, including three of the¬†General Field “Big Four” Grammy Awards:¬†Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Amy Winehouse

We’re grateful to Lewes-based photographer James McCauley (@mccauleyphotos) for use of his wonderful shot of Amy in concert. Find out more about James and his work at¬†www.jamesmccauley.com


Here are the highlights from our last home game against Leicester City and Tottenham Ladies:

Conti WSL_148x210_(NoBleed)_Ad


Photos from our historic FA Women’s Championship game against Leicester and Tottenham Ladies taken by James Boyes.

Leicester City Women 4 – 0 Lewes


Tottenham Ladies 4 – 0 Lewes



5c49e5257b676a3b729b579e_Sophie Fran and shirt

Sophie Perry, has vowed to put her best feet forward as Lewes FC Women’s exciting new signing (on loan for the rest of the season).

Sophie, who is, unusually, equally strong on both her left and right foot, joins Lewes from Brighton and Hove Albion.  The defender has earned over 50 caps for the Republic of Ireland.

Sophie said she wanted to play for Lewes FC Women because she knows the club well and has been impressed by the appointment of the new manager, Fran Alonso: ‚ÄúLiving in Brighton, I know the history of Lewes and I have heard a lot about Fran. He has a great track record and is a great coach‚ÄĚ.

She is also a fan of the club‚Äôs Equality FC initiative: ‚ÄúFor Lewes to be the only club in the world to pay its men and women the same wage is sending out a message to everybody about Equality. It is fantastic.‚ÄĚ

Sophie, who was born in 1986, grew up in Brighton and has played for Brighton, Chelsea, Millwall and Reading. She started playing football at Primary School: ‚ÄúI have always loved football. I started playing at Primary School with the boys and we played against other schools. I then went for trials with Hove Park Rangers in Year Six.‚ÄĚ

In 2005 Perry started playing with the Rangers’ Girls and, later that year, she moved to Brighton and Hove Albion.  From there, she went to Chelsea for 11 years and remained at the club until 2016. During this time she represented England in the under-23s, before choosing to play for the Republic of Ireland national side.

She made her Republic of Ireland debut at the 2012 Algarve Cup against Wales. She was also in the squad at the World University Games in 2013 and the 2014 Cyprus Cup Tournament. She described opting for Ireland as, ‚Äúone of the best decisions I have ever made!‚ÄĚ In 2016 the defender moved to Reading and returned to the Albion in 2017.

Describing her wing-back role at Lewes, she said: ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs important to win your one v one battles and that you‚Äôre comfortable with playing out from the back to join in with the attack, and get up and down the pitch, to deliver crosses and goals. I want to ensure that the club has a really good end to the season and wins as many games as possible.‚ÄĚ

The Manager, Fran Alonso, said he was delighted to have signed Sophie as she was number one on his list: ‚ÄúTo be able to attract players of Sophie‚Äôs calibre to Lewes is a sign that Lewes FC Women is now a serious contender in Women‚Äôs Football. Sophie has won over 50 caps for Ireland and played in the highest tier of football, in what was formerly called WSL 1, and is now the Super League. Sophie is from Sussex, is a very experienced defender, has a great reputation and has played with some of the best clubs in the world. ¬† She is a true professional with a great skill-set. I love the fact that she is equally comfortable playing with either foot too‚ÄĚ.


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 21.27.21

New Zealand international Katie Rood has joined Lewes FC Women on loan from Bristol City until the end of the season

Click here to read more



Natasha Wells Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-19

Defender and fan‚Äôs favourite Natasha ‚ÄėTash‚Äô Wells has left Lewes FC.

Her quiet off-field persona has always belied the on-pitch warrior. Her tenacity and will to win have been her trademark on the field of play (or battle, as the Tashinator, as she is known amongst her adoring fans, might have it.)

Having never knowingly pulled out of even the most marginal of tackles, Tash has given her all for the red and black season after season. One of Agnew’s Warriors, Wells was one of a few to successfully complete the transition, through all the FAWPL years and into the FA Women’s Championship.

After a year out of the game in 2017 due to injury, Wells defied the odds by working her way back into the team, fighting for her place through hard work in the Development Squad and back into the Lewes First XI. And she has always made herself available for off-field promotion, being one of the faces of women’s football at the club – a shining example for players of any age.

The players, staff and fans wish her all the best and offer heartfelt thanks for years of selfless service to the football club.


Rebecca Thompson-Agbro Lewes FC Women 2018 2019-3

Rebecca Thompson-Agbro has left Lewes FC Women. We want to put on record our sincere appreciation for all that Bex has done for the club and wish her well in the future.

Thompson-Agbro joined Lewes from Brighton & Hove Albion in 2014. Lewes supremo Jacquie Agnew identified not only a talented player but a strong, calm demeanour essential to the development of the recently-promoted side.

Since then Bex has been a regular in the Rooks rear guard, playing a pivotal role in some epic battles in the FA Women’s Premier League and helping to secure the club’s first National trophy, the FAWPL Plate, in April 2017. She has won numerous Most Valuable Player and Opposition Player awards and has proved a firm favourite with the fans.

Match day commentweeter Rookmeister is one.

“I’ve loved watching Bex. In particular, her battles with some of the top strikers in our division, including one epic night against Crystal Palace where she thwarted the mighty Gemma Bryan, giving one of the best defensive performances I’ve seen at the Dripping Pan. Off the pitch Bex is a lovely, lovely person. She’s been a credit to Lewes FC”

Bex T also took an active part in the club’s Equality FC campaign.

All the best to you Bex.

5c48909e7b638779d28a4f6a_BexT Rookmeister
Bex receiving one of her many MVP awards, from ‘Rookmeister’



Lewes FC Women will be supporting¬†RISE¬†the Sussex-based domestic abuse charity at today’s match, with collectors raising money at the turnstiles to help them do their invaluable work for women affected by this often hidden crime.

Thanks for your support!


Screenshot 2019-01-25 at 20.41.41

Our Under 15s completed a remarkable inaugural league season, finishing runners-up to runaway winners Worthing. The young Rooks had a fierce battle with legendary Lewes skipper (and now Foundation Squad manager) Kelly Newton’s former club, Horsham Sparrows, for second place.

Click here to see the final table and view results

Click here to view the season’s player stats

Twitter: @LewesFCGirlsU15


We are delighted to welcome SkullDrummery back to the Dripping Pan today as well as the Paddock Singers who join us for the first time.


This skilful band of ne’er-do-wells can be seen across the county and the country, performing at festivals and events, not least tassels-deep in the Lewes Bonfire celebrations.

Lewes FC Women 4 Cardiff City Ladies 0 13 05 2018-634-1

To read more about this fine body of men and women, visit http://skulldrummery.com/

Paddock Singers

The all-female, Lewes-based community choir, led by Director Ruth Kerr, will perform three songs from the terraces at 1.45 before kick-off. Ruth said, ‘It’s brilliant to see Lewes FC pioneering the way for equality between the sexes. This is definitely the first time The Paddock Singers have performed at a football match, but we’re a very flexible choir and always open to new challenges! We wish the Rooks all the best of luck for the match!’

The choir will perform:
There is nothing like a Dame (a good, upbeat song about women, from the musical South Pacific)
Something inside so strong (classic anthem by Labi Siffre )
The Rhythm of Life¬†(set to new Lewes FC Women-themed words written by choir member Sarah Earl)”


Local jeweller Sammie Venn from ‘Soul Warriors’ will be back at The Pan today, selling her wares from one of our beach huts. Sammie has especially designed a range of unisex ‘Warrior Bands’ for Lewes FC, hand-stamped with ‘bespoke mantras’ such as ‘Bossing It’, ‘Deeds Not Words’ and ‘Come on you Rooks’ – they come in branded bags, are ¬£12 each, and Sammie says, ‘There is a saying for everyone’.
Check out her¬†‘Soul Warrior’ Instagram page¬†for videos of the bangles, and pop up to the beach hut on Sunday for some arm candy.



Sunday 3rd February – 2PM – AWAY – SSE Women’s FA Cup

Millwall Lionesses (SSELC)

Sunday 10th February – 2PM – HOME

Millwall Lionesses (FAWC)

Thursday 21st February – 8PM – AWAY

Crystal Palace Ladies (FAWC)

Sunday 31st March – 12PM – HOME

Durham (FAWC)

Sunday 21st April – 2PM – AWAY

Aston Villa (FAWC)

Sunday 28th April – 1PM – HOME

Sheffield United Women (FAWC)

Sunday 12th April – 12PM – AWAY

Manchester United (FAWC)


Today’s teams will be shown here prior to kick-off.


The FA Women’s Championship strongly supports recent FA statements that there should be a zero tolerance approach against racism and all forms of discrimination. Accordingly, any form of discriminatory abuse, whether it be based on race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, faith, age, ability or any other form of abuse will be reported to The Football Association for action by that Association. (The FA 0800 085 0508/Kick It Out 020 7253 0162)

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