Sunday 10th October – 12pm KO – FA Women’s Championship

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Welcome to The Dripping Pan for today’s FA Women’s Championship game with Blackburn Rovers. Here is your complimentary e-programme.

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Why the Circle Ahead of Kick Off?

Today, Lewes FC and Blackburn will join together ahead of kick-off to show solidarity with players in the US National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) affected by allegations of repeated sexual misconduct and abuse. The allegations date back more than a decade and players called out the lack of investigation and failure of the league and clubs to provide a safe environment for players.

Players in the US stopped mid-game this week to come together in a circle to show their solidarity with the victims of abuse. You can read more about the situation in the US here. Within 24 hours, other allegations of abuse emerged in Australia and Venezuela too.

We thank the FA for showing their support to our players who wanted to demonstrate their solidarity with all players affected.

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Simon Says…

Training’s been good, obviously we want to try to put right a things from the weekend against Durham. It wasn’t the worst game in the world, we had moments where our intensity was good but we know the areas we need to work on. Hopefully we can on that for the weekend and we’re really looking forward to it.

Obviously, it’s great being at home. We love having the fans here it’s really beneficial for us so hopefully we can continue on from our last home game which was London City where we got the win.

Blackburn are a good side, we know a fair bit about them from last season and the year before that. They’re a good side, they’re organised, but we feel like we know what they’re about. It’s always a challenge even though we’ve managed to have the recent results against them.

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Notes from the Big Chair…

Good afternoon and finally, welcome back to the Dripping Pan!  It has been another ridiculous start to the season in terms of the fixture scheduling where we’ve played only played one game here, made to travel over 1,500 miles in 7 days for two away games and now face 3 home games in 8 days.  Oh, and then we have another international break.  Quite how the governing authorities expect clubs to build crowds when the schedules are set like this I don’t know.

The decision to schedule games away at Sunderland and Durham on consecutive weeks was madness.  As soon as the fixtures came out we asked if one of those games could be reversed but were told it wasn’t possible without any good reason.  Both were played at a time when there was (and still is) a national fuel shortage at the pumps which meant no fans were able to attend either game. 

Anyway, welcome back and also welcome to our visitors from Blackburn Rovers who have made the long journey down to East Sussex from the North West.  We know we will be in for a tough game – I was lucky enough to be at our match back in early 2021 where the 3-0 score-line perhaps flattered us quite a bit.  On that day we were thankful to Tatiana for making a couple of excellent saves, whilst we had our scoring boots on at the other end.

We can see how tough this season is going to be – every side has stepped up a gear and whilst we can take heart from an excellent draw at The Stadium of Light, the result at Durham was disappointing.  We now have three games in eight days to put that right, including the League Cup tie with Palace here on Wednesday night.

Talking of The Stadium of Light, it was great to see Sunderland AFC open their gates to allow their women’s side to play there – it is one of the best stadiums in the UK and I believe (nobody has challenged me yet on this one) that it was the biggest stadium any Lewes side has ever played in.  More and more clubs are being allowed access to play games in the “parent” club ground – something that we have done for over a decade and will continue to do so.  Same laws of the game, same kit, same equipment and it should be the same ground for Men and Women.

This week I have been incredibly proud of our Men’s side in fronting the campaign to Call Him Out, aimed at challenging sexist and misogynistic behaviour.  All of our management team, players, back room staff and directors have got behind the social media movement under the hashtag #CallHimOut and we hope many more will join the campaign.  Unless we all play our part, we cannot expect everyone to change their attitudes and actions.

Let’s get behind the team today and COME ON YOU ROOKS!


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Teamsheets (updated before KO)

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Lewes vs London City Lionesses, 1-0. Images by James Boyes.

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Manager: Simon Parker

1Tatiana Saunders (GK)
32Shanell Salgado (GK)
2Ellie Mason
3Rhian Cleverly
4Amelia Hazard
5Nicola Cousins
6Ellie Hack
7Lucy Ashworth-Clifford
8Ellie Noble
9Georgia Timms
10Freda Ayisi
11Heidi Logan
12Charley Boswell
14Paula Hotwells
15Ini Umotong
18Rebecca McKenna
19Kallie Balfour
20Sophie O’Rourke
23Izzy Dalton
27Zoe Cross
34Lara Miller
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Manager: Gemma Donnelly

1Alexandra Brooks (GK)
2Chelsey Jukes
3Katie Anderson
4Natasha Fenton
5Helen Seed
6Jade Richards
7Chloe Dixon
8Emma Doyle
9Saffron Jordan
10Annabel Blanchard
11Megan Hornby
12Kayleigh McDonald
13Eleanor Heeps (GK)
14Isobel Dean
15Hannah Coan
16Mia Parry
17Millie Chandarana
19Farah Crompton
20Millie Robertson
21Lauren Thomas
22Aimee Hodgeson
23Ellie Leek
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Lewes Men Launch #CallHimOut Campaign

Football is powerful. Its influence goes beyond the pitch and beyond the full-time whistle. And, for now, football is a majority male sport, in participation and watching it.

So what better place to take action against the epidemic of misogyny, sexism and male-on-female violence.

Because it’s time, it’s way beyond time, that men took personal responsibility for what all women have to endure, day in, day out.

This is a problem for men to resolve, not women.

Lewes FC’s men’s team want to do something, as a group and as individuals.

From today, when anyone in the men’s team (and managers, and coaches) hears or sees something said or done by a workmate, family member, friend or anyone they’re with, that they feel is disrespectful, sexist or harmful in any way to a woman, whether she’s there or not, they will speak to that man and they will #CallHimOut. That might make them feel uncomfortable. But nowhere near as uncomfortable as the women on the receiving end of every demeaning comment.

Our men’s team are good guys, like so many men, but now is the time to take action. And that action will include each man also calling themselves out sometimes, by going back on an ill-judged comment, by saying “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that”. This is a decision that starts within each man, to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

“What stuff should I call out? Who decides?” people (men) may ask. The answer is that each man will develop their own radar, their own code and will know, in their heart, when something needs to be called out.

This is something that every man can do and it will make a difference to women’s everyday lives.


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Durham (A) Match Review

Charlie Dobres

For the second time in a week the Rooks took the long trip North to take on Durham in the first meeting with them since January.

A robust Durham side were hard to break and though the midfield was a fairly even battle it was the Wildcats who took the lead after 16 minutes, Lauren Briggs with the cross, Beth Hepple flicked on to Ellie Christon who found the back of the net.

Lewes defended well and though there were moments of creativity, Durham pressed high and in possession looked confident.

The Rooks had their share of good moments, switching play and reacting quickly when Durham were dispossessed but it was nearing half time when Sarah Robson almost headed home a goal from Hepple’s corner, eventually the ball found Bridgette Galloway’s feet among a pool of players to get Durham the scrappy goal on the 40 minute mark.

Heading into the second half, the lively Georgia Timms was hassling the defence and Balfour & Logan continued to link through to Ayisi, who often came out with the ball through some strong challenges.

An energised Lewes side, vocal and determined were unable to dominate enough to convert the ball in the final third. Hazard’s strike and Ayisi picking out Balfour was as close as it got to any signs of troubling the home side’s keeper. Ini Umotong joining the field had several late advances but to no avail. At the other end of the pitch Hepple saw her chance tip the crossbar.

In the last 10 minutes, Lewes looked like a side more conscious of their own ability and were more on the attack but the Durham defence remained tight. As the final whistle went, a disappointed Lewes reflected as a team and will take lessons from today into this week and be ready to come back stronger.

Simon Parker had this to say on the loss “We’re a little bit disappointed, we’re still learning, there will be some positives to take but at the moment we’re obviously not too happy.”

Line Up: Salgado, Cleverly, Hack, McKenna, O’Rourke, Hazard, Dalton, Ayisi, Balfour, Logan, Timms

(55) Umotong for Logan
(78) Miller for Timms
(84) Boswell for Balfour

Subs not used:
Cousins, Saunders, Noble


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Football Therapy Team

Today – Sunday 10th October – is World Mental Health Day. A day for us all to acknowledge how important it is to look after our mental wellbeing, as well as the physical, and to help our communities do the same.


Our Football Therapy Team, run in conjunction with Southdown Housing, continues apace this season. The team train every Thursday evening from 7-8pm down on our all-weather 3G pitch – aka ‘The Rookery’. Anyone over 16 years old – male or female – who wants to improve their emotional wellbeing by playing football in a team is welcome to join these free drop-in sessions. It’s a fun and informal hour for people of any (or no!) footballing ability and a support worker is always on hand for a chat too. Do and get in touch with Rob Birch, here if you fancy joining in:

For today’s Lewes v Blackburn Rovers fixture our Football Therapy coach Josh, and Support Worker Rob will be at the turnstiles collecting for the team’s favourite charity – ‘If U Care Share’. They’ll be wearing their clothes inside out to draw attention to the ongoing stigma experienced by many – especially men and boys – attached to talking about your feelings, and bringing what’s inside out. Read about ‘If U Care Share’ here – and please give generously.

And here are the whole Football Therapy team, gloriously wearing their clothes inside out in support of the ‘If U Care Share’ message.

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Today there may be film crews in the ground, filming on behalf of Lewes Football Club and other media organisations. The filming is usually for Lewes FC marketing purposes, to show what a match day looks/sounds like and to generally promote what we do. Lewes Football Club respectfully asks for your permission to be filmed. If you do not want to be filmed, please let the crew know directly and they will oblige.  Thanks for your cooperation in helping to build a successful club.

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“The FA Women’s Championship strongly supports recent FA statements that there should be a zero tolerance approach against racism and all forms of discrimination. Accordingly, any form of discriminatory abuse, whether it be based on race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, faith, age, ability or any other form of abuse will be reported to The Football Association for action by that Association. (The FA 0800 085 0508/Kick It Out 020 7253 0162).

Lewes 2000 FC Limited. Registered in England and Wales with Company Registration Number 03790979. Lewes 2000 FC Limited is 100% owned by Lewes Community Football Club.

Honorary President Terry Parris
Chairman Stuart Fuller
Directors Ed Briggs, Charlie Dobres, Karen Dobres, Stuart Fuller, John Peel, Ed Ramsden, Claire Rafferty (co-opted), Trevor Wells
Chief Executive Maggie Murphy
General Manager & COVID-19 Officer Lynne Burrell
Operations Manager James Barker
Commercial Manager Ini Umotong

Equality FC Campaign Manager Karen Dobres

Life Members
Mr and Mrs Brook, Vic Blunt, Pat Dartnell, Gary Elphick, Gordon Fowlie, Peter Hiscox RIP, Billy Nixon, Derrick Parris, Terry Parris, Jimmy Quinn, P. Swaysland, Steve Ibbitson, Jason Hopkinson, Steve White, Martin Elliot, Kevin Fingerneissl, Kevin Powell, David and Barbara Arnold, Roger and Cathy Feltham, Ethel Treagus, Roy Dartnell RIP, Ron Moore, Derek Southouse, Ray Smith, Ken Carter RIP

Manager Simon Parker
Assistant Coach Jesus Cordon
Assistant Coach Ady Penrose
PP Coach Christos Andreou
GK Coach John Macrae
Nutritionist Stefano Montanari
Asst PPC Kayleigh Bonwick
Physio Katrina Martin
Physiotherapist Paul Paredes
Team Psychologist Chelsea Orme
Data Analyst Adam Chilcott
Kitman Jessie Maes

Women’s DS Head Coach David Seymour
Women’s DS Assistant Coach Kavi Luchowa
U16 Girls Head Coach Carl Penfold
U16 Girls Assistant Coach Tim Heal
U14 Girls Head Coach Rob Palmer
U14 Girls Assistant Coach Tom Young

Pathway Co-ordinator Ryan Sullivan

Golden Rook Rob Read
Web Editor Stuart Fuller
Progcast Editors Stuart Fuller and Sam Simons
Club Photographer James Boyes

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